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Who doesn’t love these ?

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Peanut Butter Cups

Great in a homemade hamper

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Brandy Snaps

A Christmas staple when I was growing up

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A traditional British Christmas make

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Chocolate chip cookie jar

Another great gift but you could make , store in bags and grab a bag to make cookies as you fancy

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Sugar Cookies

A traditional US biscuit . Go to town on the decorating . Perfect for Christmas

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My favourite smoked salmon spread

This is so so yummy! I've been making this for a long time for my family and although smoked salmon is perceived as an expensive item, for around the £3 it costs me to buy the salmon I can make enough of this for around 10 sandwiches, not that it ever lasts that long. It goes ALOT further that the equivalent smoked salmon pate in any supermarket!

For a cheaper alternative why the follow the recipe but use mackerel instead.

I use aldi smoked salmon fillets for this recipe.

By Victoria