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Hobnob type biscuits

Cover the top in melted chocolate for a luxurious treat

PennyBy Penny

Lorna’s Easy Cookies

This is Lorna's go through cookie recipe

PennyBy Penny

Chocolate chip cookie jar

Another great gift but you could make , store in bags and grab a bag to make cookies as you fancy

PennyBy Penny

Berry Muffins

Use raspberries, strawberries, blueberries , blackberries they're all good

PennyBy Penny

Dry Cake Mix

Make in bulk or put into jars and give as gifts .
I made treble the recipe and used 2 cups of mix then added 1 egg , 60ml oil , 120ml milk and water and a dash of vanilla extract

PennyBy Penny

Double Chocolate Muffins

So easy - so tasty !

PennyBy Penny

Strawberry and Almond Sponge

Serve warm as a dessert

PennyBy Penny

Fruity flapjacks

Add whatever dried fruits or nuts to this that you like

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Fruity Oat Cereal Bars

Add the dried fruit of your choice

PennyBy Penny

Victoria sponge cake.

Perfect easy sunday afternoon teatime treat

By Dawn

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