Category: Pork

Sausage and Potato Casserole

PennyBy Penny

Cowboy Pie

Essentially sausage mash and beans

PennyBy Penny

Sausage kebabs

can be BBQ'd or grilled

PennyBy Penny

Simple sausage supper

Left over sausage is perfect for this.

By Dawn

Paprika Pork Stew

A warming casserole with the heatand spice of paprika

PennyBy Penny

Pork and Pepper Stew

A chopped up pork shoulder would work

PennyBy Penny

Pork loin steaks with apple and potato hash

Crispy hash , succulent pork , creamy gravy

PennyBy Penny

Meatball Marinara Sub

Wear a napkin !

PennyBy Penny

Gammon and leek Pie

Add mixed veg or mushrooms to bulk out this pie

PennyBy Penny

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