Banana scones

By Dawn  

October 8, 2015


200g s/r flour

50g butter

1 banana chopped

Milk (enough to make a soft dough) about 100ml


1pre heat oven 220.

2put 175g of flour and the butter in a bowl and run to form bread crumbs

3 mix the remains 25g of flour with the bananas (this helps them not to fall and since)

4mix the banana with the flour mixture (I added some cinnamon at this stage. To taste )

5add the milk a little at a time and gently bring it to a nice dough ball. You may need more milk you may not it depends on the banana.

6 I then flattened the dough out to about 1cm thick and into a round disc. I did not use a rolling pin I just pressed gently. Then cut like a pizza into triangles.

7 egg/milk wash and cook for 15mins

8 serve warm with butter and jam