Beetroot Salad

By Eve  

April 16, 2015


4x Beetroot bulbs

2x sml carrots

1x sml onion

2x tbsp Balsamic Glaze

1x tbsp Soy Sauce

1x tbsp Lemon juice

1x tsp chilli flakes


1Chop Beetroot into 1/2"cubes (wear gloves to prevent hands staining)

2Chop onion

3Grate carrots

4Combine veg in a bowl

5Mix dressing by combining all wet ingredients plus chilli flakes

6Pour dressing over veg and mix well,adjust to taste.

7To make it tart add lemon juice Sweeter add balsamic Hotter add chilli flakes.

8Put in tubs and chill in fridge. This is free on W.W and S.W.