Broccoli stem , leek and pea risotto with flaked salmon and lemon

PennyBy Penny    

September 6, 2015


2 salmon fillets

Half a lemon

Knob of butter

1.5 cups arborio rice

4 cups vegetable stock ( you may need a little more )

Handful of frozen peas

A handful of sliced tender stem broccoli stems

2 tblspns of cream cheese

1 leek finely sliced

2 finely chopped garlic cloves


1Grate some lemon zest over the fish and poach until just cooked . Set aside to cool

2Melt the butter in a pan , add the leek and cook until softened but not coloured

3Add in the garlic and cook for a further minute

4Add in the rice and stir to coat in the butter . Cook for 2 minutes

5Add in a ladle of the hot stock , stir until almost absorbed and add another ladle full

6Keep adding the stock . When the last of the stock has been added , put in the broccoli stems and peas

7Add in the cream cheese and stir to combine

8Flake in the salmon fillets , squeeze in a good amount of lemon juice . Stir allow the salmon to warm through

9Serve topped with more freshly grated lemon zest