Frangipane mince pies

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December 10, 2017

Yummy !

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 25 mins
  • Yields: 12 tarts


1 quantity sweet shortcrust pastry


125g Ground Almonds

125g caster sugar

75g unsalted butter

3 medium eggs

1 tsp cornflour

A few flakes almonds -optional


1Heat the oven to 180c

2Grease a 12 whole muffin tin

3Roll out the pastry and cut out 12 circles using a straight cutter

4Put into the greased holes

5Add a spoonful of mincemeat to the pastry cases

6Now cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy .

7Beat in the eggs one at a time, until the mixture is smooth.

8Stir through the almonds and cornflour.

9Top each mince pie with the mix .

10If liked cut out some stars or holly from the remaining pastry and sit on the frangipane or sprinkle with flaked almonds

11Put in the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.

12Cool on a rack and dust with icing sugar


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Mandy Be

December 11, 2017

I’m going to make them tomorrow, they sound lush

Tami Rooke

December 11, 2017

I have printed the recipe – I will make you some on Monday when I do the gingerbread men 🙂

Sarah Bullen

December 11, 2017

George Bullen I’ll get the ingredients on my way home

Kelly-marie McGuinness

December 11, 2017

Tami Rooke

Wendy Meacock

December 10, 2017

Was thinking about making these now everyone is posting them lol x

Ellen Farrell

December 10, 2017

Oh dear. Between the 4 of us, we have eaten nearly 4 dozen this week. Changed it up a bit with almond crumble topping but the next lot will be these ❤

Julie Coomes

December 10, 2017

These are so much better than just having pastry, thanks for the recipe:)

Lisa Marsh

December 10, 2017

Stacey Warner oh my! Xx

Feed your family for about £20 a week.

December 10, 2017

I had a similar one from Costco and thought these would be easy enough to make . P