Fruit Fritters

PennyBy Penny    

November 11, 2015



4 tblspn plain flour

1-2tblspn caster sugar

Pinch of salt

1/2tapn cinnamon

1tspn baking powder

Ice cold water to bind

Oil for frying

Fruit per person:

An apple peeled , cored and sliced

A banana halved

A couple of pineapple rings


1Put all the dry batter ingredients into a bowl

2Add in enough cold water to create a thick batter and whisk well

3Heat the oil in the pan

4Dip fruit in the batter and ensure its well coated

5Carefully put in the hot oil

6Fry until golden , turn if needed

7Drain on kitchen towel

8Roll the apples on cinnamon sugar whilst still warm

9Drizzle the apple or pineapple with maple syrup and honey then sprinkle with sesame seeds

10Serve with vanilla ice cream