KFC style gravy

PennyBy Penny  ,   

May 27, 2015


2.5 cups boiling water

1 beef stock cube ( low salt is good )

1 chicken stock cube ( low salt is good )

3 tblspns butter

5 tblspns Plain Flour


1Dissolve stock cubes in the boiling water , stir well to combine

2Melt the butter over a lowheat in a large saucepan

3When melted add 2 tblspns of the flour

4Stir continuously for 6-8 mins until it's the colour of a KFC gravy

5Now add the rest of flour

6Keep stirring until fully combined ( if it's lumpy it's ok )

7Gradually add the stock

8Keep stirring

9Once all stock is added keep stirring to achieve a smooth stock

10Turn up Heat to medium

11Bring to boil whilst stirring continuously for about 5 minutes

12Pour over your chicken or into a gravy boat to serve

13Can be frozen