Sesame Chicken Balls

PennyBy Penny  ,   

October 28, 2015


100g plain flour

1 dessert spoon baking powder

1 tspn sesame oil

Between 125-150 ml cold water

To coat the chicken :

4 tblspns cornflour

Good pinch of white pepper

2 large chicken breasts cut into cubes


1Put the flour and baking powder into a bowl

2Add in the sesame oil

3Gradually whisk in the cold water to create a smooth batter the consistency of cream

4Leave to rest for 30 minutes

5In a large shallow dish mix the cornflour and pepper

6Dip the chicken in the cornflour mix

7Now put in batter mix to coat

8Heat your fryer to 190C

9Remove the chicken pieces and carefully fry in the hot oil for 4 minutes

10Remove from oil , drain on kitchen paper and keep warm in a hot oven until all the chicken is cooked

11Serve with a sweet and sour sauce