Slow Cooker Kedgeree

PennyBy Penny  ,   

April 12, 2015

This used to be served for breakfast . Now we have it for dinne


250g smoked fish fillet ( haddock , cod , river cobbler )

1 bayleaf

1/4 tspn ground mace

Sprig of parsley ( flat or curly )

1.4 litres water

2 crumbled veg stock cubes

2 tbsns butter

1 thickly sliced leek

400g long grain rice ( you could use basmati )1/2

1/2 tspn each of ground coriander, ground cumin and tumeric

Zest of a lemon plus 1 tspn of juice

80ml White wine or add 80ml extra water and an extra tbsn lemon juice

4 hard boiled eggs , shelled and halved


1Put all ingredients except the fish, parsley and eggs into the slow cooker.

2Stir well

3Lay the fish fillets ( skin side down ) on top of the mixture

4Cook on high for 3 hours

5Take out the fish and remove the skin

6Flake the fish

7Put it back into the slow cooker

8Add the chopped parsley

9Stir well to combine

10Add the eggs and stir gently so they get covered with rice