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Halogen Baked Italian Chicken.

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time35 mins

Super moist and tasty this chicken dish does not disappoint. Its speedy and simple enough to do, so is perfect for a midweek dinner. Dont let the different steps put you off as it's just a Coat,Fry,Bake process thats easy to do. You could cut out the bake part and just continue frying till fully cooked or vice versa, but I like the crunch that the oven bake gives you. The step by step picture guide let's you follow the recipe easily, and you can tailor it to suit you and your families tastes. I've used 4 breasts to give 8 pieces in all, but you could easily use 2 breasts to make 4 pieces and cut the costs considerably. The choice is yours. Why not give this a try and let us know how you got on in the comments below. We love to hear your thoughts x

 4 Chicken Breasts
 150 ml Garlic Mayonnaise
 50 g Grated Parmesan cheese
 75 g Panko breadcrumbs
 1 tbsp Italian herb seasoning
 50 g Sesame seeds (optional)
 100 ml Oil for frying
 1 pinch S&P

Prep:- Butterfly the Chicken breast- place your hand on top of the chicken breast, carefully slice horizontally into the chicken, dividing it in half like a book.


Place between a layer of cling film and gently pound/flatten with a rolling pin till you get a thin even thickness. Pat dry.


Assemble 3 containers /dishes and place the Mayonnaise and Parmesan into one.
Place the Panko mix into another and add Italian seasoning and Sesame seeds. Mix through.
Leave one container empty.


Dip the chicken into the Mayonnaise, turning over till coated on both sides, then into the panko mix ,again turning over before placing in the dry container


Heat the Oil in a pan on a med/high heat and add the coated chicken.


Fry for 3-4mns


Turn over and repeat this till the chicken is golden brown on both sides.
You may need to do this in batches


Transfer to the Halogen oven, season with S&P and bake at 175° for 10-15 mns or until chicken is cooked through.
Remove from the oven and cover with foil to keep warm until the next batch is completed.


To Serve-
Serve hot with a drizzle of Sweet Chilli dressing
and a Balsamic glazed Spinach salad with crusty garlic bread slices


Easy Swaps:-
Panko breadcrumbs for crushed cereal to keep the topping crunchy or plain breadcrumbs if you prefer a softer topping.
Garlic mayo for regular mayo.
Italian seasoning for any herbs you like.
Chicken breasts for coujons or thighs
Halogen Oven for conventional oven -220°for 10-15 mns

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4