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Slow cooker fudge

Yields16 Servings

I’ve got my step daughter up for Easter and her first request was for this! Slow cooker fudge

 1 x standard (170g) toblerone or a large mint aero or basically any other choc you like!
 150g value milk chocolate
 1x tin of condensed milk (400g)
 50g sifted icing sugar

Melt the condensed milk Choc and toblerone in the slow cooker on low. When melted stir in the icing sugar really well.


Leave on high - lid off for 80m returning every 10m for a bloody good stir


Transfer to a grease proof dish to cool and set in the fridge - I score mine when first taken off the heat to make serving it into portions easier

Nutrition Facts

Servings 16