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Slow cooker Meatball Marinara

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time6 hrsTotal Time6 hrs 5 mins

A Warm and comforting midweek dinner

 500 g Meatballs
 600 g pkt mixed veg -
 1 Red onion chopped
 125 g Mozzarella ball
 1 tsp Mixed herbs
 1 tsp Garlic granules
 ½ tsp Paprika
 200 ml Beef stock (I used 2 cubes)
 1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
 125 ml Cream
 1 tsp Sugar
 2 pinches S&P
 1 tbsp Oil
 1 tbsp Tomato paste

Add some oil to a pan and gently fry the onion,add the meatballs and fry for a few minutes till they get a bit of colour then transfer to the slow cooker


repeat 1st step with the veg and again transfer to slow cooker


Add all the ingredients (except cream and mozzerella) give it a stir and cook on low for 6 hrs


Tear the mozzerella and add along with the cream,stir and replace lid for 10 mns.


Serve with spaghetti, mashed potatoes or on it's own with crusty bread or in a baguette and topped with salad and cheese.


Tip- add some pasta and more stock if you want to make a one pot dish
Tip- This can be done in the oven at200° for 2hrs and on the stove on a low heat for 2hrs also
Tip- Add a tbsp of Worcestershire sauce for added flavour

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4