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THERE’S nothing more annoying than going to use something from your fridge only to discover that it has already gone mouldy.

However, there are ways that you can make your groceries for days and even weeks longer, and it won’t cost you a penny.

We have compiled a list of easy kitchen hacks to prolong the shelf life of your shopping.

From regrowing fresh ingredients to changing the way you store milk, these tricks mean that you will never waste food (or money!) again.

Add butter to cheese

After cutting a piece of cheese, add a dab of butter on the cut surface before popping it back in the fridge.

Doing so will prevent the cheese from drying out.

Adding butter to cheese will prevent it from drying out

Don’t store milk in the fridge door

Dairy products need a constant temperature which is exactly why milk should not be kept in the fridge door.

As the door is opened it can cause a fluctuation in temperature and experts recommend sticking milk on the middle shelf instead.

Turn sour cream and cottage cheese containers upside down

By turning the tub of sour cream or cottage cheese upside down you are creating a vacuum inside the container.

This will slow down the growth of bacteria meaning it will last for longer in the fridge.

Cottage cheese containers should be kept upside down in the fridge

Wrap the ‘crown’ of a banana

Take some cling film and wrap it around the “crown” of your bunch of bananas – the place where the bunch joins.

This slows down the ripening process and can make the bunch last up to five days longer.

Wrap the "crown" of your banana to prevent them from ripening too quickly

Regrow your spring onions

Simply take the onions that still have roots at the base and trim the tops so that they are all the same length.

Place them base down in a glass of water so that just the white part is submerged and place by a sunny window.

In a few days you should begin to notice the regrowth. The green part can be used in cooking and once trimmed will continue to grow leaving you with an endless supply.

You can regrow spring onions in water

Store onions in stockings or the legs of old tights

Onions and garlic can stay fresh for up to six months by storing them in a pair of sheer tights.

Tie a knot above each veg and hang in a cool, dry place.

Onions will last up to six months when stored in tights

Store herbs like flowers

Delicate herbs such as coriander, basil, parsley and chives can be kept fresher for longer if stored like flowers.

Simply plonk them in a cup of water before covering with a plastic sandwich bag and sealing with an elastic band.

Keep potatoes with apples

Doing this will help to prevent the potatoes from sprouting as apples release ethlylene gas.

The theory was put to the test by the American Test Kitchen who found that the trick helped the tubulars last up to eight weeks sprout-free.

Reseal a lemon

Popping a slice of lemon or lime in your drink? To prevent it from drying out simply place the top back on the fruit and pierce with a tooth pick to keep them together.

You can "re-seal" a lemon with a toothpick or cocktail stick

Spray avocado with cooking spray

If you’re left with half an avocado or a half eaten bowl of guacamole you can keep them from going brown with a bit of cooking spray.

This will create an oxygen barrier on the fruit which prevents it from oxidizing and turning brown.

Wrap celery in tinfoil

Simply tightly wrap up the low-calorie vegetable in tin foil before chucking it in the fridge.

Foodies claim that the trick will keep your food fresh and crisp for up to three weeks.

This trick works for broccoli and lettuce too.


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