Hi, I am a single Mum to a 12 year old daughter and a young cat. During my time as a Mother I have been on benefits and have also lived off student loans. I know how to budget. It has always been a skill I have had, even during times I have worked two jobs and money wasn’t a problem, I was still frugal. I think it is a skill that can be learnt and hopefully I can pass some tips onto our lovely followers. As for cooking, I am no chef but I do love cooking and eating and always have. I read cook books for pleasure and seem quite good at imagining different flavours together. I was renowned in cooking lessons in school for taking a recipe and completely changing it, often with cheaper or in season ingredients.

My Recipes
Bolognese Category: Beef
Apple and pear cakes Category: Puddings / Dessert
Egg muffins Category: Breakfast
Steak Rolls and Salad Category: Steak
Meatball Burger Category: Beef
Toad In The Hole Category: Beef
Turkey Casserole Category: Turkey

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