Hi I'm Eve at 53 I'm the Scottish mammy of the group. Glasgow born and proud. Mother of 3 (youngest 26 :o) is Autistic.Trained as a Nurse and have had many jobs over the years mainly in catering /hospitality. Trained Barista also. I'm what I would call a “plain cook” stews,mince,soups …hearty dishes that fill your belly, but I love a curry too and like most Scots, I have a sweet tooth. I got involved in FYF through helping friends budget and rethink their ideas of what they could use instead of throwing it away. I really hope to show folk that ready meals can be done cheaper and tastier at home. I admire all the admins so much as they face every day with a challenge and rise to it with gumption. I`m a canny saver and love a bargain and to share it with my friends. Slainte

My Recipes
Bacon & Brussel Sprout Risotto Category: Rice
Cuisine: English
30 mins
Mongolian Beef Mince Category: Beef
Cuisine: Chinese
40 mins
Wrap Pizza Category: Pizzas
25 mins
Slow cooked Spicy Carrot and Pepper Soup Category: Slow Cooker, Soup
Cuisine: English
Cheesey Vegetable Bake Category: Vegetable
Cuisine: English
Cheese n Onion Pasties Category: Pastry
Cuisine: English
Cheese (x3) Pasta Bake Category: Pasta
Cuisine: English
50 mins
Fritters Category: Fakeaway, Potatoes
Cuisine: English
Slow cooked Chicken Teriyaki Category: Chicken, Slow Cooker
Cuisine: Chinese
Chicken Kiev Category: Chicken
Beetroot Salad Category: Vegetable
Slow Cooked Honey Chicken Category: Chicken, Slow Cooker
Cuisine: Chinese
Maryland Cookies Category: Chocolate, Home Baking
Chicken and Leek Pie Category: Chicken
Midweek Curry – Serves 1 Category: Curry
Tomato Soup Category: Soup
5 hrs

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