Butternut squash and Bean Burritos

By Dawn

February 7, 2016


400g butternut squash (or 2-3 sweet potato) peeled and chopped

1 tin mixed beans (or black beans. Any beans)

1 tin tomatoes

1 small tin sweetcorn (or large it's up to you)

1/3 bag frozen peppers (or 3 fresh)

1/3 bag frozen mushrooms (or as many as you like fresh)

2 1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (up to you really)

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil to coat squash


1place the cubed squash or sweet potato in a tray and coat with oil and cumin powder and mix. Roast till soft ( 20mins potato and 30-40 for squash)

2in a pan simmer everything else for 15mins.

3Take squash or potato out and let cool a few mins

4mix squash and bean mix together and place a nice spoon full into middle of a wrap.

5 fold the sides in first then roll as tight as you can and repeat till you run out of either mix or wraps

6Note.... I used small wraps and got 8 very full ones I wrapped in tinfoil to be frozen.

7once done place what your eating in a heat prof dish. If your lucky to have some bean mix left spoon over the top the grill for a few mins

8Note .... If cooking from frozen. Place in dish and cover with foil for 20mins. Take foil off and leave for another 5-10mins.

9Note .... This is made as a vegan dish and vegan cheese can be created inside the wraps before folding and also over the top before grilling.