Feed Your Family: More From Less. Shop smart. Cook clever.

7 years ago when I first started FYF if anyone had told me that I’d have written one cookbook never mind two, I’d have laughed in their face! I am just a normal mum who had to learn to cook so that I could feed my family decent food and then…I had to learn to do it again on a budget!

My second cook book ‘feed your family for £20 a week… in a hurry!’ is out now and I want to thank all of you who have supported me on this epic journey!

I’ve had a couple early reviews through that I’m proud to share and I’d love to hear your own review on Amazon or our Facebook group

In the media …

The Sun

Feed your family for £20 a week with Lorna Cooper’s fast, filling family food …

Daily Star

Lorna’s home cooked recipes are cheap, but delicious – like this sausage hash

Daily Mail

Mother who feeds her family-of-five on £20 a week reveals her money-saving tips including freezing cheese and never shopping in the same place – and shares three cheap recipes YOU can whip up in 20 minutes …