Feed Your Family The Cookbook

Hi, I’m Lorna and I’m a 39yr old mother of 3 and step mother of 1. My kids are 21, 20 and 9 and my step daughter is 14. My eldest 2 are students, one still at home and one home in the holidays and weekends. I was a young mum with very limited cooking experience and struggled when it came to providing a healthy balanced diet on a budget! Over the years I’ve had quite a few disasters but through listening to advice wherever I could get it and shopping around a lot I am now a fairly accomplished cook! There is very little waste in my house as I bulk out meals, use up leftovers, shop around and bake all our treats! I got involved with FYF as I see so many young families struggling in the current economy and I want to help them to feed their families healthy home cooked food on a limited budget xx Lorna xx

Hi I’m Eve at 53 I’m the Scottish mammy of the group. Glasgow born and proud. Mother of 3 (youngest 26 :o) is Autistic.Trained as a Nurse and have had many jobs over the years mainly in catering /hospitality. Trained Barista also. I’m what I would call a “plain cook” stews,mince,soups …hearty dishes that fill your belly, but I love a curry too and like most Scots, I have a sweet tooth. I got involved in FYF through helping friends budget and rethink their ideas of what they could use instead of throwing it away. I really hope to show folk that ready meals can be done cheaper and tastier at home. I admire all the admins so much as they face every day with a challenge and rise to it with gumption. I`m a canny saver and love a bargain and to share it with my friends. Slainte

Hi, I’m Penny I’m a mum of 4 and nanny to 8. My partner had to medically retire and I had to give up work to become a full time carer. Eating well on a budget has become second nature. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but it’s so easy to become a lazy cook when you don’t have to think about the pennies. I like to think about what we’re eating not just because of the costs but for health reasons. We often don’t realise how many additives are in the food we regularly eat, cooking from scratch means I’m in control of what we both eat. I say both, often on a weekend we have the children and grandchildren visiting so dinner could need to stretch to 6. Or is it just nanny`s baking they love ?