Cheese n Onion Pasties

By Eve    

May 30, 2015


3 x potatoes (mashed)

1 x onion (chopped)

150g x cheese (grated)

1 x egg

1 x pkt puff pastry (425g)

1/4 x tsp mustard (optional)


1Combine the mashed potato,cheese, onion and mustard

2Sprinkle some flour on your work surface and rolling pin

3Roll out your puff pastry to your desired thickness (about 10p piece)

4Cut circles in the pastry (I used a mug)

5Place on baking sheet

6Put a tsp of mixture on the pastry (just off centre)

7Fold pastry over mixture,making sure edges are pressed down to prevent leakage,crimp edges using thumb and forefinger

8Crack egg in a bowl and whisk with a fork for a few seconds

9Brush egg over pastry

10Bake in hot oven. 220'for 15 mins

11Once baked leave to cool before serving or packing up. They are lovely served with a crunchy salad and some chutney.