Cheesey Vegetable Bake

By Eve    

June 13, 2015


100g x Cauliflower

100g x Broccoli

2x Carrots (chopped)

100g x baby spinach

1 x Leek (chopped)

1x pepper

2x garlic cloves (chopped)

For the Cheese Sauce

1oz butter

1oz x plain flour

150g mature cheddar cheese

500ml x milk

1tsp x mixed herbs

1tsp x mustard

For the topping

100g x cheese (grated)

100g x breadcrumbs

S&P to taste


1Boil the cauliflower, broccoli, carrots till cooked(about 10-15 mns)

2Gently fry the garlic,leeks,spinach and pepper till softened

3Make the cheese sauce

4Melt the butter in a small pan

5Add the flour and stir till its combined

6Add the milk and stir till its smooth.

7Add the cheese,herbs and mustard

8Continue stirring till sauce thickens

9Combine all vegetables in an ovenproof dish

10Pour over cheese sauce

11Top with grated cheese

12Cover with breadcrumbs

13Bake in oven for 30-40mns at 200'