Chicken and leek bake

By Dawn    

October 22, 2015


25g butter

25g flour

400ml of veg or chicken stock

Cooked chicken (as much as you want)

2 chopped leeks

Any other leftover veg you want or even crispy bacon

Bread crumbs (enough to cover the dish you using)

Cheese to cover top


1heat oven to 200c

2melt butter . Once melted add flour and stir for a few mins over the heat. Add stock a little at a time and stir in between. (If not using right away let stock cool down first before next step)

3add chicken, leeks any other veg your using to a dish and mix in sauce

4add bread crumbs on top and sprinkle with cheese and bake for 20-30 mins until piping hot and crispy.