Egg muffins

By Claire  

April 12, 2015

Mix up the ingredients for what you have in and what you fancy.  These quantities make 6 big muffins or about 9 small but you can scale up or down the ingredients depending how many you want to make.


3 medium eggs

Splash of milk

cooking bacon/lardons/one or two slices of bacon/some cooked ham/some cooked gammon.

a spring onion

handful of grated cheese

a couple of cherry tomatoes or a small salad tomato


1Whisk your egg and milk

2Add the rest of your ingredients chopped. If using bacon I would lightly cook it first.

3Put into your muffin tin, well greased, in cake cases or the genius that is silicone (from the pound shop).

4Bake in a medium hot oven until starting to go golden brown. You want them cooked through especially if having cold/freezing.