By Eve  ,   

May 8, 2015


2x potatoes

2x tbsp flour

1x tsp baking powder

10x tbsp cold water

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil/ dripping/lard


1Wash potatoes and cut into thick slices

2Lay flat on a plate,sprinkle with water and microwave on high for 5-6mns

3Season flour and add baking powder

4Add water and mix till a smooth batter is achieved

5Remove potatoes from microwave and dry off with a paper towel.

6Heat oil in deep pan

7Dip potato in batter and carefully place in pan

8Fry for 2-3mins till golden brown

9Carefully remove from pan and drain on kitchen roll

10Smother in salt and vinegar and scoff immediately. This is NOT S.W. or W,W friendly but it is a delicious snack occasionally