Maryland Cookies

By Eve  ,

April 3, 2015

Cookies…so many possibilities
Makes 24.costs 70p in total


150gx butter

1/2 x cup of powdered sweetner (or 1 cup of sugar)

1x cup of S.R.flour

1x egg

4x tbsp milk

2x tbsp golden syrup

100gx chocolate

1x tsp salt

Sugar for dusting


1Melt the butter then add all ingredients and stir till you have a thick dough

2Take a tsp full of dough and roll it into a ball then roll in sugar

3Continue to do this till all dough is used

4Place on baking tray and flatten with a fork.Bake in oven at 200' for 8-10 Minutes

5They should feel soft to touch but if you like them crispier bake for 15 Minutes

6Transfer to a wire rack to let them cool(if the bairns will let you lol) Replace chocolate with raisins and oats or with peanut butter if you want an alternative