Turkey Casserole

By Claire  

April 2, 2015

Made my turkey casserole for the freezer. Used about 200g of the turkey breasts that were on offer in Lidl the other weekend. Last night I made a duck and veg stock. I say both because there was only bones from two duck legs and lots and lots of veg. It made enough stock for this dish and same again which is in the freezer



1I fried a chopped rasher of bacon with chopped turkey breast and just the one clove of garlic in a bit of olive oil. I only wanted a mild garlic taste

2I then prepared my veg, a leek that was given so free with extra soil for free

33 small/medium carrots, a stick of celery, a green pepper and some new potatoes chopped. About a third of a tin of sweetcorn

4I put my meat and stock in my new wok

5Put the potatoes in, then a bit later the carrots, a teaspoon of dried thyme and a teaspoon of dried oregano - most dried herbs would work

6Then added the rest of my veg, finally the sweetcorn

7Mixed a big teaspoon of cornflour with water and added this to thicken the sauce. Took about an hour from start to finish