White Fish in Parsley Sauce

By Dee    

April 25, 2015


500g Frozen White Fish fillets - I've used Tesco Value which contains 6 nice sized fillets, lidl is also cheap for Pollock fillets. you can get fresh fish fillets from your supermarkets at near closing time reduced to silly pence. You can freeze fresh fish,

3 tbsp cornflour

500ml milk (we like a lot of sauce, you could get away with half of this)

2 tbsp dried parsely

handful of cheese (optional)

salt and pepper to taste.


1To poach the fish - Place fish fillets in a saucepan, cover over with boiling water from the kettle. Bring back to the boil and simmer for about 15 minutes. Lift out with a slotted spoon when done.

2For the sauce - Blend 3 tbsp of cornflour with about 3-4tbsp milk in a jug to form a thick gloopy paste, then add a bit more milk, keep stirring until made up to 500ml. Microwave for 4 mins (microwaves vary, check after each minute) until thickened. Give it a good stir and then add to that a small handful of cheese (optional) and 2 tbsp of dried parsley. mix well. Put back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Season to taste with some salt n pepper.

3Pour over your poached white fish. Serve.