Feed Your Family For £20...In A Hurry! The Cookbook
00Cream Cheese And Chive Quiche recipeWho doesn't love a quiche? And everyone knows that homemade always trumps shop bought. Quiche is one of those meals that I forget how much I love until I have it on my plate and I think 'why has it been so long since I've had this?' Quiche is also fab for summer lunchboxes and picnics as it is as tasty cold as it is warm. The addition of cream cheese in this particular recipe adds a lightness and extra creaminess that will blow you away. As always I encourage you to add extra veg or cooked meat to customise the taste to what you like best.
00Classic Toad In The Hole recipeA classic toad in the hole recipe that is guaranteed to rise perfectly. Family dinners don't get much more comforting than a classic toad in the hole. Fluffy Yorkshire pudding batter paired with hearty pork sausages, alongside a generous serving of rich onion gravy – all you need to add is your favourite veg on the side. This toad in the hole recipe will be one that you and your family will want to cook again and again. Have a go and let us know in the comments how you got on.
00Perfect Beef Wellington recipeThis beef wellington recipe does not come under our usual money saving criteria however we have been asked by a facebook follower so decided to post. Sometimes we cook and post something like this and people say 'woah you can't make things like this for £20 a week' which is true. But, by being thrifty and saving money the majority of the time sometimes we can afford to splash out for special occasions.
00Chicken And Rice Soup recipeThis chicken and rice soup is one of my favourite soup recipes ever. it is fairly simple to cook but always gives amazing results. The rice makes it really filling which means it makes a good main meal as well as a lunch option. If we've had a roast chicken I will usually put the carcass on to cook in the slow cooker over night to make a lovely stock. Next morning I strain it and make this beautiful soup with the stock and all the extra little pieces of chicken that have come off the carcass. But you can just use a couple of chicken stock cubes if you don't have any stock. And if you don't have any cooked chicken you can stick a breast or thigh or drumstick in with the soup while it is cooking and then fish it out and shred it once cooked and put back in to the soup. Give it a go and let us know how you get on in the comments.
00Posh Cheese On ToastThis posh cheese on toast recipe is a little more effort than just normal cheese on toast but it is worth it. Let's face it everyone loves cheese on toast don't they? But sometimes you want something a little bit more. Or maybe you want to impress guests with your fab culinary skills! The little bit of extra effort is worth it for the added taste. Why not give this recipe a try and let us know what you think in the comments.
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