Feed Your Family For £20...In A Hurry! The Cookbook
00Midweek Curry – Serves 1Sometimes you dont want to go to a lot of bother for just yourself but fancy something tasty.This hits the spot. WARNING the curry paste in the pic is lethal so get the loo roll in the fridge beforehand and a jug of cold water to put out the fire in your throat
00Lasagne Cupcakes

Leftover bolognaise? Or got a kids party coming up? Why not try lasagne cupcakes!

00Shortcrust Pastry

I’m reaching out to those who have given up to give it another go because if I can do it after all these years – anyone can.

Basic recipe – half fat to flour. so 500g flour/250g fat. 250g flour/125g fat. 100g flour/50g fat etc

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