Category: Chicken

Chicken Risotto

A simple way to use leftover chicken

PennyBy Penny

Home style KFC

1 word - LUSH !

PennyBy Penny

Chicken and veg soup

Nothing better then soup on a cold night .

By Dawn

Katsu Chicken

Posh nuggets with a sauce

PennyBy Penny

Pressure cooked buffalo wings

Easy to make

PennyBy Penny

Chicken in cider

Use breasts if you prefer

PennyBy Penny

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Make with any pasta shapes you like

PennyBy Penny

Chicken and Bacon Casserole

Chicken thighs are cheap and tastier then breast - great in this recipe

PennyBy Penny

Chicken Tarragon

Use in a pie ,a pasta bake or to top pasta

PennyBy Penny

Balsamic chicken with roasted potato slices

You can add any veg you like to this dish

PennyBy Penny

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