Bacon & Brussel Sprout Risotto

By Eve    

February 26, 2018

A quick and easy supper dish

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 2


150g x Arborio Rice

1 x onion chopped

1 x yellow pepper chopped

200g x Brussel sprouts halved

2x garlic cloves chopped

200g x Smoked bacon

2x chicken stock cubes

Spring onion to garnish

700ml water

S & P


1Lightly fry chopped garlic,onion,pepper and sprouts

2Place bacon on a microwave tray,cover with paper towel and microwave on high 4-6 mns till crispy then set aside till later. Or grill if preferred.

3Add dry Arborio rice to the pan with the garlic and veg and stir till it absorbs the flavours.

4Dissolve the stock cubes in boiling water and add to rice mixture.

5Stir once to blend all ingredients

6Put lid on pan and cook on low/medium heat for 20 mns

7No need to keep stirring.

8Once rice has absorbed all the water take it off the heat and stir in the chopped crispy bacon

9Garnish with the dark leaves of spring onion

10S & P to taste.

There really is no need to do it the traditional way of adding stock a ladle at a time and continuous stirring.This works every time.
Add more veg if you like - peas,sweet corn etc
Stir in some cream cheese for a lush creamy taste or mature cheddar if preferred


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March 5, 2018

I adapted this slightly by frying the bacon in with the veg from the beginning and adding peas at the end. It tasted nice but was quite watery so next time I will reduce the stock slightly and also going to use bacon medallions to reduce the calories.

Rob Cumner

February 27, 2018

Would love this Marie but rice for me is a no no “blood sugar”

Marie Cumner

February 27, 2018

Rob Cumner

Marie Cumner

February 27, 2018

Rob Cumner

Martin Randall

February 26, 2018

Sounds great

Hazel Randall

February 26, 2018

Martin Randall

Ashleigh Hayes

February 26, 2018

Phil Hayes xx

Kate Louise

February 26, 2018

Christopher Hardy I would like this x