Beef Stew

PennyBy Penny    

October 12, 2015


400g stewing /braising beef

3 tblspns plain flour

Salt and pepper

3-4 tblspns oil

100g swede

1 leek

4 garlic cloves

150g shallots

100g carrots

Small glass red wine ( optional

500ml beef stock

Flat leaved parsley


1Preheat the oven to 150C

2Heat an ovenproof pan

3Toss the meat in the flour that has been seasoned with salt and pepper

4Add the beef to the hot oil and fry on all sides until browned

5chop your carrots and leek into 2.5cm bits , halve your mushrooms if large

6Step 6

7When browned remove the beef and leave to 1 side

8Add the remaining oil and fry the veg ( except mushrooms ) until softened

9Put the beef back in the pan stir and add the wine to deglaze the pan . Scrape all those tasty boys off of the bottom of the pan

10Simmer until it's reduced by half then add the stock and mushrooms

11Cover with a lid and put in the oven for about 2 hours

12Serve with dumplings ( recipe previously posted )

13After sealing you can put this in a slow cooker for at least 6 hours

14Seal and then pressure cook for 20 minutes

15Can be frozen

16Add more flavourings as required eg Worcestershire sauce , brown sauce , marmite , mixed herbs , horseradish , mustard