Creamy roasted red pepper and tomato soup

PennyBy Penny    

March 23, 2017


2 roasted de skinned red peppers

1 onion chopped

1 tin chopped tomatoes

A little rapeseed or olive oil

2 good skirts tomato purée

1-2 tspns smoked paprika

Salt and pepper

1-2 tspns dried basil or 1tblpn fresh chopped basil

3-4 tblspn cream or milk

350-400ml vegetable stock

2-3 cloves of garlic - minced


1To roast the peppers heat on a gas hob using a BBQ fork or cook under a grill until the skins start to blacken . Put into a bowl and cover with cling film . . When cooled remove the skins and seeds . Then chop

2Heat the oil in a large pan and sweat down the onions and chopped peppers for about 10 minutes. Add in he garlic and cook for 2 minutes

3Add in the purée and stir into the mix , cook for a couple of minutes . Now add in the tomatoes , paprika dry basil ( not fresh )and stock and stir well . Cook for 15 minutes

4Season with salt and pepper stir through the fresh basil and cream and serve .

5You could blend the soup of liked but the chunks add a nice texture

6Or slow cook for 4 hours once you add the stock or cook for 7 minutes in a pressure cooker after adding the stock