Garlic and lemon chicken with potatoes and beans

PennyBy Penny    

January 9, 2016


4 chicken breasts or 4 legs

8 potatoes washed and cut into quarters

1pkt of green beans trimmed

A little olive oil

2 lemons . Juice 1 thinly slice the other

4 cloves of garlic grated

1/2-1 tspn salt

1-2 tspn black pepper


1Heat oven to 200c

2Step 2

3Lay the lemon slices on the bottom of the dish with a little oil

4Step 3

5Combine the lemon juice , salt , pepper garlic and approx 3 tblspns of oil and coat the chicken, beans and potatoes in this mix .

6Put on top of lemon slices and cook for approx 50-60 minutes


8Dish can be frozen , it could be slow cooked but you won't get any crispy bits