Herb crusted rack of lamb

PennyBy Penny    

February 7, 2016


1 lamb rack ( 8 bones )

Salt and pepper

2 slices of bread

0.5 bunch of thyme

0.5 bunch Rosemary

A little olive oil

A tblspn English or Dijon mustard


1Get your butcher to French trim your lamb ,

2Score the fat in a diamond pattern

3In a processor whizz up your bread and herbs

4Add a little olive oil to bind them . Leave to 1 side

5Heat a pan on the hob , lay the lamb in the pan and brown on all sides . Render the fat ( cook so the fat comes out ) side until crispy

6Remove from heat and let it cool slightly

7Heat oven to 200c

8Paste some mustard on the fat .

9Now push the breadcrumb mix onto the mustard.

10Roast for 20 minutes for rare , 25 minutes for medium and 30 minutes for well done

11Remove from the oven and cover with foil allowing it to rest for at least 5 minutes before carving

12Serve 2 or 3 bones per person