Lorna’s Easy Cookies

PennyBy Penny    

September 12, 2017

This is Lorna's go through cookie recipe

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 24 cookies


8oz margarine

4oz sugar

10oz Plain flour

Jam/peanut butter/curd/chocolate chips


1Heat oven to160c

2Cream the margarine in a large bowl

3Add the sugar and whisk till light and fluffy

4Add the flour - mix well - squidge into a dough

5Halve the dough

6Make 12 balls out of 1 half

7Place on a baking tray

8Flatten with a fork

9Use your finger to push a hole into each cookie

10Add 0.25tspn of jam / peanut butter or curd intoeach hole

11Bake for 12-15 minutes

12With the remaining dough :

13Mix in the chocolate chips

14Roll into 12 balls

15Put on a baking tray

16Flatten as above

17Cook for 12-15 minutes

18Cool on a rack


3 Reviews

Kate Armstrong Gemmell

September 13, 2017

My mum used to come into my primary school to do baking (32 yrs ago) and we called them jammy splats, I still make them with my kids one is 16 now the other is 9! Love them but can easily sit there and eat one after the other!!!

Tracey Allitt

September 12, 2017

I run an after school cookery club and jam thumb biscuits are a huge favourite with the children x

Kate Stobbs

September 12, 2017

Made these earlier but in cake cases.using your recipe