Mac n Cheese ( with a little kick )

PennyBy Penny    

May 27, 2015


8ozmacaroni or any small pasta you have in

8-10oz grated cheddar ( depending how cheesy you like it £

2 oz butter plus an extra tblspn

2oz Plain Flour

1/4 tspn dried thyme

1/4tspn cayenne pepper

1/8 tspn white pepper

1/4 tspn Worcestershire sauce

1 tspn salt

Pinch fresh grated nutmeg

1 tspn Dijon mustard

1 pt milk

A handful of Panko breadcrumbs ( or your own that you've dried)


1Heat oven to 200C

2Melt 2oz of the butter over a low heat in a large saucepan

3Add the plain flour

4Cook out the roux until it becomes a light caramel colour (2-3 mins )

5Add in the thyme , cayenne and pepper

6Cook for another 5 minutes

7Gradually add in the milk , whisking all the time

8Add the Worcestershire sauce , salt and Dijon mustard

9Keep cooking and stirring until the sauce has thickened and is a smooth consistency

10Remove from the heat

11Stir in all but a handful of the cheese

12Cook your pasta

13Drain and put into an ovenproof dish

14Pour over the sauce , letting it find its own way through the pasta

15Sprinkle over the remaining cheese

16Melt the remaining butter

17Pour over the breadcrumbs and mix

18Sprinkle these over the cheese

19Put in the oven and cook for about 20 minutes or until the breadcrumbs are browned


21You could add cooked bacon or vegetables to this if liked . If you have little ones you might want to tone down on the peppers