Marble cake

PennyBy Penny    

March 13, 2016


225g softened butter or margarine

225g sugar

4 eggs

225g SR flour

2 tblspn cocoa powder

1-2 tspn vanilla extract


1Heat oven to 180c, grease and line a 20 round cake tin

2Put all the ingredients except the cocoa in a bowl and mix ( using an electric mixer ) until combined and smooth

3Take out half and put in another bowl. Sieve the cocoa into 1 bowl and mix it tgrough

4Dollop alternate flavours of mix into the prepared tin . Tap the bottom of the ton to ensure the bottom is covered . With a skewer or knife swirl the mix to get a marble effect

5Cook for 40-50 minutes , making sure a skewer comes out clean when inserted.

6Cool on a rack