PennyBy Penny  

September 24, 2015


About 6 aubergines

A little veg oil

750g lamb mince

2 chopped onions

2 garlic cloves ( crushed )

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Salt and pepper

1 cinnamon stick broken

2 good squirts tomato puree

1 tspn Italian seasoning or mixed herbs

1 bay leaf

Olive oil

100g butter

100g plain flour

850ml milk

2 egg yolks

A little grated nutmeg

100g Parmesan

1 glass of red wine or the equivalent amount of water


1Slice the aubergines into about 1cm thick slices

2Season with salt and pepper and fry in hot veg oil until lightly browned . Drain on kitchen towel

3In a large pan heat the olive oil and fry off the onions until softened and lightly brown

4Add in the tomato puree and garlic

5Now add in the mince , breaking it up and letting it colour

6Pour in the red wine ( if using ) or water , stir through . Let it evaporate

7Now add in the tomatoes and seasonings

8Bring it up to the boil and let it simmer for about 45 minutes

9Meanwhile make your bechamel sauce

10Melt the butter in a pan

11When melted add in the flour and cook it for a few minutes

12Add the milk gradually and keep stirring all the time , as the sauce thickens

13When they cleaned take it off of the heat and what so in the egg yolks , a little salt and pepper and the nutmeg Whisk quickly you do not want scrambled eggs or omelettes !!

14Heat oven to 180C

15In an ovenproof dish assemble your moussaka .Remove the cinnamon stick and bay leaf from the meat . Start with a layer of aubergine then meat then aubergine . Finish with the bechamel sauce and sprinkle with the grated cheese

16Bake for about 1 hour . Let it sit for a few minutes before serving with a nice salad

17This can be frozen