Mushroom Tartlets

PennyBy Penny  , ,

April 9, 2015

a veggie alternative to the Greggs style pasty


1 pack of puff pastry

500g mushrooms

Dijon mustard

A few thyme sprigs picked

Salt and Pepper

Creme Fraiche


1Roll out the pastry

2Cut into 4 large squares

3Make diagonal cuts from each corner towards the middle. Preheat oven to 200C

4Chop your mushrooms

5Melt the butter in a large frying pan

6Add the mushrooms and thyme and sautée until no more liquid comes out of the mushrooms

7Season with salt and pepper

8Add a tbspn Dijon mustard stir in

9Add 2-3 tbspns creme fraiche and cook for a further minute or 2

10Take off of the heat and allow to cool

11When cooled put spoonfuls of the mushroom mix into the middle of each square

12Brush the pastry with beaten egg

13Bring every other corner of the pastry into the centre , creating a star effect

14Put onto a baking tray

15Brush tops with egg wash

16Bake for about 20mins or until golden and risen