No Ice Cream maker needed Vanilla Ice Cream

PennyBy Penny    

August 12, 2017

No churn easy ice cream

  • Prep: 6 hrs 5 mins
  • Yields: 6-8 servings


½ a can condensed milk

600ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla extract or use paste for vanilla flecks


1Put all the ingredients into a large bowl.

2Whisk until thick and quite stiff, a bit like clotted cream.

3 Scrape into a large loaf tin or plastic container lined with cling

4Then cover with cling film and freeze until solid.

5Remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving

Prep time includes 6 hours freezing . You could add frozen fruit , chocolate chips , mint extract , lemon curd . Get creative


2 Reviews

Louise Ambridge

August 15, 2017

I made peanut buttter and banana icecream this way, it was delicious.

Kim Collison

August 12, 2017

We have just made lemon curd icecream with crumbled up meringue and put in freezer about 15 mins ago .. i didnt do mins really thick was soft peaks so lets hipe turns out ok for first attempt loved doing it x