Pork and Pasta

PennyBy Penny  

October 2, 2015


400g pork mince ( I used less than 5% fat )

1 finely chopped onion

2 finely chopped carrots

1 finely chopped stick of celery

500g chunky tomato sauce (pasatta) or 2 tins chopped tomatoes

Salt and pepper

100 ml red wine ( remember if it's not good enough to drink , it's not good enough to cook with ) . You could use water

4-6 bay leaves

Pasta , ( spaghetti, penne , fusilli what ever you have )

Parmesan shavings

4 tblspns oil ( olive or rapeseed )


1Heat the oil in a large pan

2Add the onion , carrot and celery and cook until softened

3Add in the minced pork and fry until browned

4Pour in the wine ( or water)and cook until it's evaporated

5Add in the seasoning , pasatta and bay leaves and simmer gently for 2 hours

6Cook your pasta and stir the sauce through the pasta . Remember to remove the bay leaves first !

7Serve with grated or shaved Parmesan on top

8You could add other vegetables to this if liked .