Pork fillet with honey , Chinese five spice and sesame

PennyBy Penny    

April 19, 2015

I got my fillet reduced but it’s not too expensive at full price


1 pork fillet about 400g in weight

4 tbspn tomato ketchup

2 tbspns clear honey

2 tbspns soy sauce

2 tbspns sesame oil

1 tspn Chinese five spice powder

2 cloves garlic minced ( I used a jar as I had no fresh)

250g egg noodles

A selection of veg to stir fry

2 tbspn sunflower oil

A little more sesame oil

Sesame seeds


1Put all the marinade ingredients into a dish and mix well

2Put in the pork fillet and turn to cover in marinade

3Cover and chill for at least 2 hours

4Prepare your veg

5Heat oven to 180C

6Transfer pork fillet and marinade to a baking tray and cook uncovered for 30 minutes

7Put the sunflower oil in a pan and stir fry your veg for 6-8 minutes

8Cook the noodles in boiling water

9Add a handful of sesame seeds to veg, then a glug of sesame oil and fry for a further minute

10Slice the pork

11Drain the noodles

12Plate your noodles then veg then sliced meat , drizzle over the remaining marinade,sprinkle more sesame seeds on top and serve