Roasted whole chicken with lemon

PennyBy Penny    

September 27, 2015


1 chicken

2 lemons

1/2 red onion

Butter or oil

Salt and pepper


1Heat oven to 200C

2Remove chicken from the fridge at least 20 minutes before starting to cook it

3Cut the lemons in half

4Put 1/2 a lemon and an onion in the bottom end of the chicken and 1/2 a lemon in the other end

5Prick the chicken all over and squeeze another 1/2 lemon over the bird

6Rub the bird with butter or oil and grate over some zest

7Season with salt and pepper

8Sit the bird on a trivet of vegetables ( onion , celery , carrot ) put the remaining lemon in the pan

9Roast for 25 minutes per 500g plus another 25 minutes

10Remove from the oven and allow to rest before carving . Squeeze any remaining juice from roasted lemons over the chicken before carving

11Can be frozen . Could also be slow cooked for 4-6 hours