Rock Cakes

PennyBy Penny    

May 10, 2015


225g SR flour

1 tspn baking powder

110g softened butter

55g granulated sugar

110g dried mixed fruit

55g currants

1 tspn mixed spice

1 beaten egg

1-3 tbspns milk


1Heat oven to 180C

2Grease a baking tray

3Sieve the flour , baking soda and mixed spice into a large bowl

4Add the butter and rub it in until it resemble fine breadcrumbs

5Add in the fruit and sugar and stir well to combine

6Add in the egg and enough milk to create a stiff dough

7Place small mounds into to baking tray

8Bake for 15 minutes until well risen and golden brown

9You could sprinkle with a little more sugar before baking if liked