Sausage meat and bacon stuffing

PennyBy Penny  ,   

November 6, 2015


1lb sausage meat or sausages squeezed from their skins

Approx 2 cups of fresh breadcrumbs ( blitz up some old bread in a processor or grate it )

Half a bunch of sage

4 slices streaky bacon choppedplua a couple extra if you want to wrap the stuffing

1 medium or 2 small red onions finely chopped

A knob of butter

Salt and pepper

1 beaten egg


1Put 3/4 of the breadcrumbs in a large bowl

2Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the chopped onions , cook until soft but not coloured

3Add to the breadcrumb mix

4Put the pan back on the job and fry off the chopped bacon

5Add to the onions and breadcrumbs

6Chop your sage leaves and add to the mix

7When the bacon and onions are cold add in the sausage meat and seasoning . Sorry but you'll need to get your hands in

8Add in the beaten eggs and extra breadcrumbs if mix is too wet

9Take a small amount of the mix and fry it off

10Taste it when cooked and add more seasoning or herbs if needed

11Roll stuffing into balls . You can wrap some in halved slices of bacon

12Now you can freeze as they are by placing on a flat surface uncovered and bag when frozen or part cook them then cool and freeze in the same way

13Take out as many as you need on Christmas Eve and defrost in the fridge .

14Cook for 30 minutes at 180-200c