Smoked salmon pate

PennyBy Penny  ,   

November 11, 2015


1 pack of smoked salmon trimmings ( if you're going to line the ramekin then you need some smoked salmon slices too)

250g cream cheese

1-2 tblspn creamed horseradish ( or add a little cream to any horseradish )

1/2 lemon juice and zested

A few chives


1Line 4 small ramekins with cling film

2Put 3/4 of the salmon into a food processor

3Divide the remaining salmon between the ramekins and put on top of the cling film . If wanting to surround the pate in salmon line the whole ramekin but make sure you have an overhang to cover the top of the pate.

4Add remaining ingredients to the food processor and pulse until all chopped and combined

5Taste and season with more lemon juice or horseradish if needed

6Put on top of salmon trimmings , pushing down to ensure a flat base

7Bring over the cling film to cover the top and chill or freeze until needed

8Serve upside down so the trimmings are on the top . Serve with whole meal toast and lemon wedge garnish

9If freezing remove from freezer the night before and take out of ramekins . Serve as above

10If liked you could add capers to the mix or use dill instead of chives