Spiced Red Cabbage

PennyBy Penny  

September 6, 2015


1 red cabbage cored and thinly sliced

10 tblspns salt

800ml of pickling vinegar


125ml balsamic vinegar

125 ml red wine vinegar

1 thinly sliced red chilli

10g thinly sliced fresh ginger

1litre malt vinegar

20g pickling spice

150g sugar


1Place the sliced red cabbage in a large non metallic bowl and layer it up with sprinklings of the salt

2Cover and leave it over night

3Rinse it well to remove salt and drain, pat dry with kitchen towel

4Pack into sterilised jars

5If using the pickling vinegar pour it over the cabbage . Seal the jars and leave to mature for a few weeks

6For the SPICIER cabbage , wash and drain as above , pack into sterilised jars

7Place all the other ingredients into a large pan , bring it to the boil . Stir to make sure the sugar is dissolved

8Let it cool to infuse the flavours then pour over the cabbage ( you can do the vinegar the night before then cool to really enhance those flavours )

9Seal the jars making sure the cabbage is covered with the vinegar

10Store in a cool place and let it pickle for at least 1 month