Strawberry Charlotte

PennyBy Penny  

April 3, 2015

A nice light but impressive dessert , perfect for a family get together.


a 22cm sponge cake ( I make a fatless sponge ) preferably about 1.5" deep

30 sponge fingers


450g strawberry purée

6tbspn sugar

20g gelatin sheets

400ml whipping cream

3 tbspn icing sugar


300ml water

100g sugar

2 tbspn of framboise ( raspberry liquer, or any you may have )

Fresh strawberries to decorate (Maybe a ribbon to tie around the outside)


1Line the bottom of a 25cm springform cake tin with parchment

2boil the sugar and water for the syrup when sugar is dissolved let it cool and add in the liquer

3Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water , boil the strawberry purée with the sugar

4remove from the heat, squeeze out the gelatin and add to the purée, stir until dissolved

5Leave to cool

6Whisk the cream to soft peaks with the icing sugar and then fold into the cooled strawberry mixture. Put the sponge cake into the bottom of the pan

7brush with a little syrup

8dip the non sugared side of sponge fingers into the syrup and place them around the tin sugar side facing out

9Pour in the mousse then chill for at least 30 minutes

10Decorate with the strawberries

11Chill again for at least 3 hrs .

12Open the cake tin and put onto a serving plate . Tie a ribbon gently around the outside to save the fingers falling